Housekeeping/I am elsewhere

12 Jul

Just some housekeeping:

  • I’m now also blogging at No New Year on adventures around consumer capitalism.
  • My last post, on nationality, class and linguistic privilege, has been re-published at The Scavenger.
  • I’ve changed the theme here again — still trying to work out some accessibility issues (and also trying to swallow my pedantry for a moment because as far as I can see, all the free WordPress themes render superscript with hideous extra leading, so I’ll have to use parentheses for my footnotes instead, gah) — so bear with me while things move and maybe get lost.
  • Building up my blogroll, slowly. If you know any blogs you think I’d like (especially your own), drop a link here.
  • This blog is shared with an Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike creative commons licence.

Thanks for all your support, lovelies.



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